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Using Miracle Of Sound music in your streams, cover versions & videos!

Updated: 3 days ago

I have very simple, clear conditions for use of my songs in Youtube videos, covers, social media and streams – I support and encourage creativity and effort while I’m not ok with copying or stealing.

Below are the dos & don’ts and the conditions for using MOS songs in your own creative works. Be cool, show mutual respect and we’re gonna be all good & avoid issues. 

Mutual respect FTW!


My songs are free to use on Twitch streams. By far the best way to do this is through Pretzel Rocks, as it means I get paid for it :)

If you're not on Pretzel, you can still use my songs. All I ask is that you credit them properly and tell your audience where to find me - send some new fans my way!

Due to the way copyright algorithms work, VODs may sometimes be claimed. Nothing I can do about it anymore, I'm afraid.

Cover Versions:

If you record your own cover version, including your own music & instrumentals, you can distribute this. As the songwriter I am entitled to a royalty share.

You may NOT use my recording of a song and replace the vocals with your own. This is not a cover version, it's glorified karaoke. It is illegal to distribute this; you'll get a copyright strike and my publishers will have it removed. You need to produce & record the music & instrumentals yourself if you are making a cover version.

To make this extra clear: You cannot take my version of Valhalla Calling or any other song, remove my vocals from the track and replace them with new vocals.

Don't do it.

If you do make a cover version of my song, please title it in your video: [Song name] by Miracle Of Sound - Cover by [Your name].

Do NOT list Miracle Of Sound as a featured artist on your cover version, or on your remix as this causes problems with other artists' covers showing up in places they shouldn't. Any remix or cover that does this will be immediately taken down by

the publisher or distributor.

DO credit Gavin Dunne/Miracle Of Sound as the writer.

The best way to publish covers of my songs is through - through their website you can organise an automatic royalty split with me and we won't need to spend time on legal stuff. However, please contact me before doing this in order to organise splits and get my approval. This is especially important for remixes, because those infringe on both songwriting copyright and recording (mechanical) copyright.

If you post the cover to social media like Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter etc... please make sure to tag my social media account in your post - it's always @miracleofsound or miracleofsound. I'm an independent solo artist and I can't afford to have my songs & hard work going viral for other people without them giving me any credit. Mutual respect leads to good karma in the music world.


If you use my music in your Youtube video, there is a chance you will receive a copyright claim from Sentric, Tunecore, Pretzel or Songtradr. This is not a strike and you won't be penalised or get in trouble, but you won't be able to monetise your video and it may be monetised by Youtube on my behalf.

I previously allowed total free use of my music but unfortunately not only did people keep abusing my goodwill, but scam companies and thieves were able to make repeated bogus copyright claims using my songs (including making false claims on my own channel) and steal money from myself and other people using my work. The only way to prevent that is to have my music placed on Youtube's content ID system under my own publishers.

Video Guidelines:

1. Please credit the song clearly both in the description and in the video itself, as follows:

In the video/Stream: ‘Song: (Song title here) by Miracle Of Sound’

2. In your video description please link to the original video on my own Youtube channel and to the song on Pretzel Rocks, Spotify or Youtube.



Same again. Just let your audience know who the song is by & send some new fans my way!


- Use the songs as music for your video/podcast intro/outro.

- Have the song as the backing for your own, original video content.

- Use the songs as the background music for your stream/vlog,vid etc…

- Make your own video with subtitles as long as it has different video content from the one on my channel, not a re-upload.

- Quote my lyrics with a credit on-screen as they are quoted

- Sing my song on Tiktok or social channels and credit Miracle Of Sound, either verbally or in text.


- Re-upload my video. Zero tolerance with this one, you’ll get a copyright strike so don’t do it.

- Post ‘nightcore’ versions where your entire creative input was to speed the song up.

- Use the songs to push a hateful or discriminatory political, social or religious ideology.

- Upload the entire song with a still image, offering no actual creative input to the video.

- Quote lyrics without crediting them on-screen.

- Sing my song on Tiktok/Instagram etc without tagging & crediting me.

If it is for sync or for a movie, TV show, game or something to be commercially released, you will have to contact my agent: - but Youtube videos and twitch streams are fine with just the above credits. It’s not much to ask and due to many abuses of my goodwill, I have been forced a few times to use copyright as a means to make sure I am credited properly. I hate doing that, it makes me feel like a meanie – so please respect my wishes and you’ll be fine. :)

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vương trần
vương trần
Jul 12

Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank you once again. Also visit my website:


Jun 25

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antoine boucher
antoine boucher
May 25

hey! i absolutely LOVE your songs, i used to listen on repeat Perfect (the Arcane inspirated one) for so long! i absolutely love everything about your content! and the fact that you allow other content creators to use you songs in videos or streams is amazing to me! weird question though, if i would use a miracle of sound playlist from spotify and use it as quiet background music in a youtube video do u prefer having every song in the description or is it ok to have in the video the name of the songs apear and in the description saying that every song is by miracle of sound? (if its collab songs like perfect i also can name…


Ovinova Anastasia
Ovinova Anastasia
May 14

Hello Gav,

We are acoustic folk-rock band Skolot from Tambov, Russia. We create and perform songs based on Slavic, Scandinavian and Celtic folklore in contemporary sound.

Our music and videos:

Gavin, our fans asked us to do a cover of your song "Valhalla Calling". We like this song very much, it is very much in the spirit of what we artistically do. That is why we want to do our version of your song with lyrics translated into Russian.

We ask you for permission for Skolot to use your music of "Valhalla Calling" to create our version of the song marking you as the songwriter with poetic translation of the lyrics into Russian language; to include…


Apr 15

I found the case studies and examples provided in this post to be extremely helpful. They added a practical dimension to the discussion. moto x3m

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